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Virtual Workout

Dancer’s Haven is taking every precaution necessary when it comes to the health and safety of our staff, students, and their families.  While the policies may seem cumbersome, they are a small price to pay so that we can return to the dance studio.  Please carefully review these guidelines with your child to ensure things proceed as smoothly as possible. 


Please note Dancer's Haven reserves the right to change these policies to ensure the safety of our staff and students.

Ballet Practice
Ballet Class
Ballet Class With Masks_edited.jpg
Dance Performance

COVID-19 Protocols

Dancer’s Haven is dedicated to the health and safety of our students and will continue to closely monitor the CDC guidelines.  Any changes will be emailed to the email address provided when you registered your child for classes. 


The following policies are some of the ways Dancer’s Haven is ensuring your students safety.


  • If your child is not feeling well, please be respectful of your fellow classmates and instructional staff and attend class via Zoom. 

  • Disinfection of high touch areas (i.e. bathroom, handrails, etc.) in the studio and waiting room will be frequently completed.  

  • Zoom classes will be provided concurrently for every class.  Dancer’s Haven is invested in ensuring students are able to participate in every class – whether in the studio or from home.  

    • Please note: This also allows parents to observe their child virtually during all studio classes.

  • Classes will transition completely to Zoom if we are required to suspend in-person classes temporarily. 

  • All staff and students will complete a health screening each day at the studio.

  • If anyone at the studio becomes ill with COVID-19, we will shut down in-person classes and transition to virtual classes.  The length of the shut down will be determined by the number of positive cases and current DOH and CDC guidelines.

  • Dancer’s Haven will monitor CDC recommendations on masks and social distancing.  

  • At this time masks are not mandated but can be worn at the discretion of each family.

Modern Dance Leap

Guidelines for Arriving at the Studio

Due to the limited space in the entrance/observation area, we are asking that only one parent or family member stay to observe their child’s class at this time.  We ask that any other family members remain outside. 


Children should be dropped off no more than 5 minutes before the beginning of their class.  Please be available to pick your child up immediately following the class.  Please be prompt.


As a reminder, parents will be able to watch their child’s class on their personal device by following the link to the online Zoom class.  

What to Expect Before and During Class

Once a student is in the waiting room, students will remove their street shoes and coats.  These items should be placed neatly and not on top of anyone else’s belongings.  Students should put on the appropriate dance shoes.  Students will then go down the steps and onto the dance floor.  Students should bring all necessary dance shoes and their water bottle onto the studio floor.

Young Ballerinas
Lacing Up Shoes

At the End of Class

At the end of each class, students will need to gather all of their belongings.  Please be sure to collect any belongings in the waiting room and clean up any garbage so that we can maintain a tidy area for the following classes.

Please be prompt when picking up your student.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters. With your help and understanding, we can ensure a safe, educational environment for our Dancer’s Haven family. 

Questions or Concerns?

Contact us anytime!  We are dedicated to creating a fun, safe environment for all of our staff and students.


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