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Ballet Shoes

Student Expectations

Dance Class

What to Wear

Students will be expected to wear a leotard, tights, and shoes appropriate for the class he/she is taking at the time. 


Shoes are dependent on the class. 

Ballet: "Ballet Pink" Ballet Shoes

Tap: Black Tap Shoes (Intermediate and advanced students need U-Buckle or Oxford Black tap shoes).

Jazz: Barefoot, Foot Undies, or Half-Soles

Lyrical: Barefoot, Half-Soles, or Lyrical Turners

Ballet Dancer
Ballet Class


Long hair should be securely fastened up and/or back during class time.  Short hair should be securely fastened off the face with barrettes or a hair band. 

Leotards Only Please!

Do not wear shorts, tee-shirts, or pants for ballet and pointe classes.  Warm-up pants are okay for jazz and tap classes only.  Please abide by these rules – when you look like a dancer, you will feel like a dancer!

Dance Performance
Dance Class
Girl Lacing Up Her Shoes

No Food  Please

Please do not bring food, drinks other than water, or chewing gum into the studio.

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